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Hello Lovelies! Hmm, I'm going to be honest with you guys last week was a bad blogging week for me. So much has been going on in the world lately that I've found it hard to just sit down and feel inspired. That is writer's block for you, and perhaps a lesson in why planning ahead is a really good idea. But hey, negativity aside I'm really pleased with this week's picks - blue is such a calming colour don't you think? Picks are from Anthropologie, West Elm and Luke Arthur Wells. 

1. Modern Brushstroke Crewel Cushion Cover £24.95 [x] : I featured the red version of this cushion back in April, but then I went and fell in love with the blue one too. I just love that handmade detail.

Celestial Coaster £8.00 each [x] : These coasters are a little extravagant but perfect if you want a very glamorous alternative to the typical coaster. They also come in different colours too if you don't fancy blues and greens. 

3. Rainbow Fish Birdhouse £36.00 [x] : I'm not really sure how you come up with the idea of making a bird house shaped like a fish, but hey I'm not complaining. It's a fun and quirky alternative for anyone who loves birds, but doesn't want a classic bird house. 

4. Anne of Green Gables £9.99 [x] : These books from the Puffin Classics collection are just gorgeous, and not surprisingly designed by The Rifle Paper Co. (love them so much). The best part is that they are actually an affordable price, yesss. It's taking all I have not to order one of these now. 

5. Ocean Vase £22.00 [x] : I'm in love with the colours on this vase, and I'm sure if I had it in my house I'd feel just like a modern Ariel. It's just so romantic and pretty.

6. Gold Dip Lagoon Vase £25.00 [x] : Another vase, but I couldn't really resist it this week? Isn't this just gorgeous - that lagoon blue colour is to die for. 

Thank you for reading lovelies! Have an amazing week!


  1. It's tough time in the world and I think especially in the UK with Brexit. Has things changed a lot over there? I've been reading some distressing stuff going on in the UK. :-(

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Basically a lot of things have changed with our economy because of the shock of Brexit, the pound has fallen and things are set to become more expensive and jobs lost etc...

  2. I havent read anne of green gables, whats it about?

  3. I love these colours, it's similar to what I wanted for our living room but it never panned out that way haha, we ended up spending the money on other things! I'm saving for when I have a home of my own that I can truly decorate exactly how I want! I love the teals and blues, they're so airy and give off really good, holiday vibes!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. That ocean vase is so gorgeous! I love the almost paper mache type effect from the different colours, shame the rest of my room doesn't match...


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