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Hello Lovelies! Ok so I'm a little in love with this week's Monday Home Edit because pretty florals EVERYWHERE. It's funny because it's making me feel all bright and Summer-y and yet London is still under a blanket of rain. Like seriously apparently it's the first official day of Summer, but it might as well be Winter here! Anyways, this week's picks are from Modcloth, M&S and Papermash (Rifle Paper Co).

1. Blooming Summer Noteworthy Clipboard £6.00 [x] : What I can't believe is that this clipboard actually comes from M&S - it's so lovely! I want one just so I can pretend that my life is way more put together than it actually is.

2. Hello, Crewel World Pillow $39.99/£27.33 [x] : Recently embroidery has been popping up just about everywhere and I'm not complaining. The cute old lady in me is screaming 'I want this cushion.'

3. Posh Pantry Jar Set in Meadow $34.99/£23.91 [x] : Firstly I have no reason to want jars, but suddenly I feel like I need these. They're perfect for bringing a bit of chic country charm into the kitchen.

4. Have A Little Pun Coasters $14.99/£10.23 [x] : Who doesn't love a good pun? To be honest I have a big love for even terrible puns, so I find these coasters hilarious.

5. Rifle Paper Co Pink Floral Desk Pad £12.00 [x] : I don't know what it is with me and organisation tools, but I find myself wanting them all despite the fact that I'm not at all organised. I love this because you can just put it on your desk and use it to plan out the week. 

6. Iphone 6S Case £30.00 [x] : I think I may have actually found my perfect Iphone case, just look how pretty it is! The only sad thing is that price tag but SO pretty! Mint and floral is just my favourite combination.

Thank you for reading lovelies! I hope you have an amazing week!


  1. check Matalan's cushion section, they've got some really similar ones and much more affordable :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I want that phone case! But no way I'm paying 30 pounds for it hahaha, time to look for an alternative...

    Cherie | sinonym

  3. Love everything =]


  4. I adore the little jar set SO cute, I need them in my life! Matalan do some gorgeous homeware items


  5. The Rifle paper stuff is always so beautiful. I have to limit my stationary spending - it can get out of control!

  6. Oooo, the iPhone casing is pricey! Maybe a Christmas wish list?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. I just adore the pillow and the little jars, so adorable!
    Your homeware lists just make me crave stuff!



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