Lifestyle | 12 Thoughts I've Had Whilst Being Cat-Called

Hello Lovelies! Bit of a random post today, but I've been thinking a lot about cat-calling recently. As I'm sure is the case with a lot, if not all girls, we've all experienced cat-calling at some point in our lives. Weirdly enough I don't experience cat-calling as much as I used to. The most I was ever cat-called was during the period where I wore a school uniform (11-16), which might just be me but frankly I think that's more than a bit worrying. But getting to the point, I thought I would gather together some of my experiences of cat-calling to share, because I'm sure a lot of us have had similar experiences.

1 - *Inappropriate groans from van, followed by an invitation to come inside* Just keep walking Victoria, don't look back, if you do it might encourage him.

2 - *Harassed by builders after school* Why doesn't the school uniform put them off? You'd think it would, eww.

3 - *Called a slutty little bitch by a group of men outside Embankment* They don't even know me, but that hurt. This is why I hate walking alone.

4 - *Boy on school bus asks me to climb on my lap because I'm a sexy bunny* Isn't he too young for this? He's only about 13.

5 - *Guy keeps asking me for my number* Tell him you have a boyfriend, no that didn't work. Tell him you're underage, no, that just encourages him...

6 - *Cat-called in Summer* Why do I feel guilty for wearing this? I just wish he'd stop staring, it's creeping me out.

7 - *Walks past group of builders* Please don't cat-call me, please, please, please. Oh good, they didn't, this time at least.

8 - *Man shouts from van: 'You're the most beautiful girl I've seen this morning.'* Mate it's only 7am, that's hardly even a compliment. Nice try though.

9 - *Cat-called from far down the street* Maybe if I cross the road they'll stop, but what if they follow me?

10  - *Man who's collecting for charity, who must be about 60 starts trying to chat me up* Says he won't take no for an answer, I'm scared.

11- *Man invites me to come inside his house from across the road* It's dark, maybe I should start running but he could so easily catch me.

12 - *Group of middle aged men - one points at me and says 'That's how I like my women'* I'm only eleven.

Thank you for reading lovelies! I hope you like my new blog header - it was sad saying goodbye to the one that I've had since the beginning but I think it's nice to have a bit of a change. 


  1. I have tears in my eyes from laughing, Vicky! LOLOLOL! I know it's not funny at that moment and how creepy it can be but gosh, love your writing here!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. Nope, I definitely experience more catcalling when I was in school uniform too. Sickening, I guess it's because they know you're more likely to be vulnerable and naive at that age, and not have a clue what to do, which was pretty accurate for me in any case. I've got to be 100% honest. I don't understand people who say they enjoy catcalling or see it as a compliment. Most of the time, it seems to me that catcalling is just a tool for undermining a woman or girl's authority and humiliate her as a human being. It's all about making you feel small and helpless and frankly it's disgusting! I think it's great that you're putting a comic spin on it though, it's the best thing to do in shitty situations sometimes! x

    Martha Jane |

    1. WOW my spelling and grammar was horrendous in that comment. Why isn't there an edit button?! Also, sorry for the essay! x

  3. Ugh why are some men so disrepectful?! I think ignoring them is the only thing to do. As someone who runs, I get my fair share of cat calls. To be honest it's part of the reason I'm learning how to box, just in case haha Great post!
    Steph x.

  4. number 8 is too funny haha
    LOVE your new header, really gorgeous, might need to invest in a new one for me too :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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