The Single Girl Diaries | Not Safe For Lonely Hearts (NSFLH)

Hello Lovelies! We've all heard of NSFW (not safe for work) but I think it's about time that NSFLH (not safe for lonely hearts) was introduced. Hear me out on this one guys. 99% of the time I am totally ok with being single, and it actually does not bother me at all, well.. that is until I watch a rom com. It always starts the same way with the expectation it's going to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, when really it ends up making me in to a complete emotional mess. A prime example is this week, when I was watching Wild Child with my best friend Amy (happily in a relationship of course) and ended up shouting 'WHY AM I SO ALONE?' at the television in what can only be described as Chandler Bing Fashion...

Not exactally my finest moment... 

So hey for the sake of my sanity, I decided that NSFLH should really become a thing because 1) I need to start retaining some of my dignity and 2) I'm tired of feeling so alone

And for the sake of today's post I thought I'd take you through some examples of NSFLH programs and films you should probably avoid, if you're anything like me... Thank me later lonely people.

1. Bridget Jones's Diary

One film you'll be surprised to see here is Bridget Jones's Diary. Bridget Jones's Diary is actually the perfect example of a film that masquerades as being perfect for single girls, when in reality it is definitely NSFLH. It ticks a lot of the boxes for a feel good single girl film: 

It has a hopelessly awkward female lead we can all totally relate to. 
A multitude of embarrassing situations, we've probably all been in.
The token jerk we all seem to have the misfortune of falling for. 
The awesome sassy friends we couldn't live without. 
And the charming man who likes her just the way she is... 


See don't get me wrong I'm happy for Bridget, but the end of the film always has me in tears, mostly because I want to marry Colin Firth and more because it's just ridiculously adorable. I mean a man who accepts her just the way she is, even if she messes up all the time? Sign me up for one of those please! 

2. Don't Tell The Bride

Don't Tell The Bride is also another one of these shows you think will be on your side, but na uh, not really. For anyone who doesn't watch it, the premise of the show is that the Bride leaves her husband to do all her wedding planning, the dress, the venue, the everything and she has no say in it AT ALL. And obviously as you can imagine this leads to a lot of horrendous weddings. To name a few, a catwalk wedding, a bungee jumping wedding and even a wedding underwater. So all sounds good right? But the problem is that no matter how much the groom messes up, and trust me there are some real shockers, the bride never really cares because she's just so madly in love. Like seriously the show is all fun and games until you see that last five minutes, and realise none of it matters because of the dreaded 'L' word. 


So in the end us single gals are almost left wishing that we at least had a Fiance to screw up our wedding.

Desperate times people. 

3. Anything by Jane Austen

As what can only be described as a Jane Austen mega fan, I blame her for making me in to the hopeless romantic I am today. And it's even stranger when you remember Austen actually never married, so is really the queen of the single girl's club considering she spent her whole life writing about love. Totally a girl after my own heart. I mean, watch or read anything Austen and I guarantee you will be left with a big gaping hole, that will only be filled by an amazing 19th Century man. Trust me, Austen has a whole army of these fictional men, that I guarantee you, you'll fall head over heels in love with. Sooner or later, you'll start wishing you have a Captain Wentworth, Mr Darcy or Mr Knightley in your life and it is one slippery slope. 

But one Austen exception you are definitely allowed to make is (even if it's strictly NSFLH) Sense and Sensibility with Alan Rickman. It's just one of his many flawlessly acted roles - Love you Allan. *sobs*

Jokes aside though, whether you're happily in a relationship, getting over a breakup or just simply single everything will work out eventually. And hey if you cry over rom coms or romantic programs too, then you know you're not alone and what is this series for if not to help you get some inner girl power. Just know that if there's one thing the rom-coms don't lie about, it's that there's someone out there waiting for you. And hey your dream man or woman is just around the corner, just in my case it seems to be a very very long road... 

Thought of the Day: 'Until you get comfortable being alone, you'll never know if you're choosing someone out of love or loneliness.' - Mandy Hale

Man Crush: The two lawyers from Making a Murderer, because hey there's just something really attractive about a good dose of human decency. Honorary mention to that hot news reporter too, because he's just... so cute.

Perk of being single: Being able to relate to all my single friends. We're in this together guys.

Thank you for reading lovelies! I'll be back next Sunday, 12pm GMT with another page of my diary.

P.S I thought I'd give an honorary mention to this comment from Saloca on last week's post as it pretty much sums up what my life would be like if it was a rom com. But hey, thinking back, I definitely should have seized the moment!


  1. I was watching don't tell the bride this morning and I felt really sad but it's always nice to fantasise if that wedding would be like yours in the future!

    1. Haha yeah definitely! I was actually watching it with my sister and her boyfriend today too!

  2. omg! I loved reading this, it has made me feel less alone.. thinking I was the only lonely single girl around haha!! I don't cry over rom coms, I get angry or pretend I'm the girl who finds the man of my dreams. ahahha .... weep! x


    1. Haha I'm glad, us single girls got to stick together!

  3. This is so true. As much as I'm happy being single, sometimes you just want to have someone to share certain things with! Another show that needs to be added to this is definitely Say Yes To The Dress (which I have undoubtedly been watching obsessively!), I just wish it was me picking out the dress, planning my wedding, whilst being sat with no make up, in pjs and stuffing my face with chocolate. Definitely no regrets!

    Paige xo

    1. Haha I've never actually seen Say Yes To The Dress! Need to watch that when I'm indulging in feeling single and alone! x

  4. I've actually never seen any of these movies. I do love to watch rom coms now and again. :) But a very interesting post. I love the friends gifs so much,


  5. Saloca's comment was on point! haha
    This is so relatable and you are too funny :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. This was so funny! :-)

  7. I'm so glad I am not the only one who noticed the hot news reporter in Making a Murderer. He reminds me of Max from Catfish!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  8. Your posts never fail to amaze and entertain me! I love the gifs you use, it makes your posts very interesting! I love Bridget Jones, I want Mr Darcy/Colin Firth, either or please. Haha!! I used to be obsessed with Don't Tell the Bride too, so funny and cute! I agree though, Bridget Jones makes us be like DHEIS9IIEHR THE FEELS! I also really enjoy how you use a thought of the day, and I love that comment that someone posted on one of your previous blog posts, it was brill! xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  9. Yep, totally agree with all these. I always end up reading a chick lit book and crying at all the soppy romance in there. Dear me.

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  11. I am a total rom com crier.... Actually scrap that I'm a total crier with anything emotional!!! 😂
    Another great Single Diaries post.


Thanks for your comments, I love reading them and will be sure to visit your blog soon :) have a lovely day!