The Single Girl Diaries | 1,000 Reasons Not To Date Me

Hello Lovelies! Remember in my first diary post how I said this series could end up epically backfiring, well I'm pretty sure this post will come back and haunt me one day. Sorry future me. Also if you're wondering about the context of the above photo, it's actually one of my prom photos featuring dorky smile from yours truly and my ridiculously stunning friend Mary. This has no relevance at all to today's post, I just thought it would be nice to actually share a photo that has me in it (they are a rarity). 

But anyways, I know what you're thinking. 1,000 reasons, really Vicky? As self deprecating as I am, even I wouldn't go that far. Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else have a list of things about themselves they're scared to admit because they make you feel epically undateable? Well I have one in my head, and I definitely check them off when talking to a new guy. Thing is I've mastered the art of flagging up things to guys before they even have a chance to find them out. And unfortunately they always seem to come out all at once, in epically awkward word vomit which explains exactly why I am sitting here right now talking about being single. 

Here are some of the reasons I would make an amazing (questionable) girlfriend:

1. The Hello Kitty Obsession

Surprisingly people don't react that weirdly to this one. Maybe they almost expect I'll have a weird Japanese addiction because I study the language. Who knows? Just don't expect me to grow out of it. At best I'll have my own guilty secret closet like Monica, except rather than mess it will just be a closet filled with Hello Kitty. I take crazy cat lady to a whole other level.

And if you don't believe me, the three words used to describe me in my year book were 'Hello Kitty Obsessed'

YES, really. 

2. I Don't Drink (And Yes, That Means Never)

When you admit you don't drink, it opens a trapdoor of misconceptions and trust me I have heard them all. The first is that I'm boring, the second is that I quietly judge everyone who drinks and the third is I never let my hair down. But want to know a secret? If you're around lots of drunk people, it's actually incredibly easy to work off their energy and make a complete fool about yourself. Being second hand drunk is actually a thing, well at least with me it is. Acting like an absolute fool just comes naturally.

But the thing is even after explaining this to guys, it's often a complete deal breaker. Two of my best friends even said they'd never date someone who didn't drink in a million years. Thanks guys. Honestly though, it's really not a big deal so it will continue to baffle me about why people care so much. I'm not yawn inducing level boring, I promise. 

But don't worry, I do have my own addiction. Instead of drinking I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee, mainly Starbucks. What can I say, Starbucks is just much more reliable than any man could ever be. Come to think of it my perfect man would be a Barista (best of both worlds). 

Also a Starbucks Barista flirted with me on Friday - it was a momentous occasion. 

3. I Hate It When People Take Photos Of Me

Now this is something I'd actually change about myself, because there is a serious lack of photos of me. Like honestly if you go on my facebook there is a complete time gulf where I did not let anyone take photos, and then about 1,000 photos of me 11 years old when Apple's Photobooth was the coolest thing to ever happen. The thermal filter was just legendary. 

In fact nowadays, I have mastered the covering my hand with my face pose as soon as I see any cameras. I basically treat any friends or family like the Paparazzi, nope, no photos for you. But hey I'm not proud of it and I'm trying to improve. This just tends to put guys off because it shows how insecure I can be, but honestly can I help it? Not really. I'll just have to avoid dating any photographers, they would hate me. 

4. I'm Scared Of Everything

Irrational fears are one of my specialities. I just have this ability to become scared of the weirdest things. It's like a superpower, except instead of allowing me to conquer the world it's debilitating. One of my fears is a fear of heights, although in fairness I actually get Vertigo so you can't really blame me for this one. Then I hate swimming, because I have a fear of drowning. There's also my fear of needles, but who actually likes injections? 

But the worst fear by a long way, is my fear of opening cans. And to make things even better my favourite food is canned tuna... My life is a tragic existence. 

5. I'm Sentimental and Hopelessly Romantic 

Ok so this really depends on the guy but admitting you're romantic or showing you're super sentimental can scare guys away like there is no tomorrow. It's not like I'll be writing you love letters, because hey we have email now (just kidding) but I will get soppy on you. And soppy Vicky, well she just gets sentimental. I just like telling people how much I love them OK. Don't hate. And this presents itself in many forms, the overly sentimental gift, the cheesy texts and the constant reminder of how amazing you are. RUN MEN, now while you still can. 

Jokes aside, what dating jerks in my life has told me if anything, is that if someone starts pointing out all the reasons they don't like you, run for the hills because they aren't worth it. I am more than happy to tell you all my quirks, but for me they aren't serious reasons you shouldn't date me. I may have lots of quirks, but I won't settle for someone who doesn't accept them because you know what I'm not changing myself for anybody.


(And btw, you never should either).

Thought of The Day: 'A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.'

Man Crush: Jack Savoretti because his song Catapult is JUST beautiful (and he is too). Like seriously listen to it now!

Perk of Being Single: Not having to worry about buying or arranging something nice for Valentine's which is a perk, and not a perk at the same time. Accio boyfriend? Hey was worth a try.

Thank you for reading lovelies! Do let me know if you have a list at all, would be intrigued to see if this is just me or not!

P.S Lovelies I have a little challenge for you, dare you accept it. This week seeing as Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I decided to challenge myself to tell as many of my friends how much they mean to me and how much I love them. Cue cheesiness and probably a lot of awkward replies, but hey you can read about what happens in my next post. See you next Sunday 12pm GMT!


  1. Another amazing post lovely! I think this was such an interesting idea to write about! and amen if someone doesn't like you for you, and doesn't accept any flaws, or quirks etc, then they are clearly not worth it! I also have a fear of pretty much everything, especially injections, I am such a weak person! I'm also incredibly soppy sometimes, I have a boyfriend, so sometimes I can be, but other times we act like best friends, the balance is nice haha! I think I prefer other people taking photos of me than taking selfies, my tagged photos always end up looking nicer than my profile photos I've taken myself hahaha! :) xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. I too have no idea why some people seem to have such a problem with those of us that don't drink. I am a VERY occasional drinker, but most of the time I'd rather not and for some reason that's suspicious behaviour? It definitely shouldn't be a deal breaker for a relationship though, what the hell?! I am LOVING the Single Girl Diaries though, Vicky x

    Martha Jane |

  3. No.2 is so me down to a t!

  4. This is such a fun post to read. I'm sure you'll find the perfect person who accepts you just the way you are someday :)
    xo Kiki

  5. You should consider writing a book, Vicky, this post made me LOL! I don't think you're awkward but just adorable well, with the exception to the Hello Kitty obsession. Girl, you need therapy. Haha! And I don't understand why is it such a big deal breaker if a person don't drink? I actually have so much respect for you because you're firm on your ground and don't bow to peer pressure. Good on you! Hugs!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. I am loving your series Victoria! :)
    Every Sunday I look forward to it!

    I love how you are adamant that you won't change for anyone. Someone will eventually turn up who accepts you as you are. I don't think any of these quirks are undatable in anyway!

    I love how you have accepted your quirks too! They make you you! My boyfriend doesn't drink either and I don't mind at all. If you got terribly drunk all the time then your potential boyfriend wouldnt have to look after you which is a bonus!


  7. I dont drink also, and I find that people see me differently for it. I do NOT need to drink to enjoy a night out or a holiday or anything really. And similarly, I am a FROZEN addict, I have all sorts of Frozen stuff in my bedroom and I couldn't care less of what people think of me for it :p Just Let it go alright! haha #sorrynotsorry
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  8. This was such a cute little post, I really enjoyed reading it! You have such a lovely blog, I'm so glad I just came across to it. Hope you havea great week! xx

    Ale |

  9. I love this post, I'm definitely going to have to read the rest of this series. I think that its great that you don't drink, there's such social pressure these days to drink that I respect anyone who doesn't. My boyfriend doesn't really drink (he might have the odd one, but its a rarity) and I think its great.

    Also, its so cool that you study Japanese! I want to learn another language.

    Lauren |

  10. I can agree with number two. I do like having a glass of wine every now and then, but when I refuse to get drunk at times, they think there's something wrong. One girl even said she was so impressed by my self control, but I just had to tell her I just don't like being drunk haha.

  11. Very interesting post!) But I think that nowadays, unfortunately, there are so many forever alone women like . After reading you will know much more about them! Good luck!)

  12. You are so right! never change for anyone! I mean, it's not like the other person will be perfect - both parts have to accept the flaws they might have, and maybe even love them (I heard that happens! ;-D) So if the guy wants to run, then he should.
    I also don't get the "what you don't drink?" thing either. I do drink, but it's with all those "special" food/drink preferences the same. People judge you for not eating/drinking something, and I don't know why as long as they're not being judged for doing whatever they like. Someone needs to explain the world to me, please, thank you. :)

  13. Hate when people judge you for not drinking, I do drink alcohol however I went through a stage where I would go out in my local city with friends & I would be the designated driver & so would be the only sober one & I LOVED it.
    I could vibe off their energy, I could remember everything that happened & I didn't have any hangover the next day but I still enjoyed it just as much as if I had been drinking.

    Also with the sentimental lovey dovey stuff, when you meet the right person they will take this with open arms & be glad of the love and attention.

    You've summed it up in this post to always be you & not to change your morals for someone else.


Thanks for your comments, I love reading them and will be sure to visit your blog soon :) have a lovely day!