Ask The Bloggers #3 How Do You Tackle Writer's Block?

Hello Lovelies! Bloggers are definitely no stranger to Writer's block. It's one of the most frustrating things a blogger can go through, especially when you have the inspiration to write but can't for the life of you find the words. So for the third Ask The Bloggers post I couldn't think of a more perfect question than 'How do you tackle writer's block?' - because frankly I could do with some advice! This month we have slightly fewer bloggers than I intended because of a major glitch on my twitter messages, proof that you should never rely on just Twitter... But that said, I have four lovely bloggers to answer this time's question: One of my best blogging buddies Rachel, fellow Lush addict Fran, the lovely Samantha and blogging's No. 1 gent Aftab. 

Rachel's Answer:

I get writers block quite a lot (well at the moment anyway) and I honestly think the best thing to do is to just take a step back from blogging and give yourself some time to think. I think it's so much better to blog less but write good posts..always quality over quantity after all! With some time away I usually find that I will suddenly get a new idea or I will buy something new and actually have something interesting to blog about! Blogging breaks are key! 

Samantha's Answer:

As much as I love writing posts for my blog, there are times when I just can't seem find the right words. So when writers block hits, there are a few things I like to do to find some inspiration & make writing enjoyable again.  

The first step is to read posts by my favourite bloggers. I find this is the perfect way of finding new ideas that I may want to adapt & feature on my own blog. The most popular examples I've stumbled across include monthly favourites, tags & outfit of the day posts.

Another thing I like to do when struggling to write is think of everything I've experienced recently. Have I been for a  day trip or break away.. Maybe even just out for a meal with friends? These might seem like day-day activities but they make for great blog posts. I personally love having a nose at what people have been up to on a day out (especially if it involves Disney!).  

If after all this I still can't write, my last attempt at finding inspiration is to go shopping. After work I'll pop into town & pick up a few little treats for myself. Even if on a budget, I'll chose a £1.00 lipstick from Make-up Revolution & instantly have something to feature & review on my blog.  

I hope these tips help anyone struggling with writers block - if you have any tips of your own please let me know! :)

Fran's Answer:

I actually get into this pickle a lot. Writers block sounds like one of those weird diseases like chicken pox where you're stuck with it until it passes. I always get my inspiration for posts from what I'm exposed to on bloglovin and what's new and exciting in the beauty industry. When I trip into the hole, what I do is look at my blog and think 'OK, let's see what I've done, what's been popular with my readers and what else can I do that will please me as well as them?' Having it is horrible because you're not in the mood to write because you have no passion, and what you could potentially write is a repeat of last year's post with added gobbledegook. I usually turn to my social medias for the solution. Hey, I haven't shared my Pinterest feed lately, let's do an Autumn themed post about it. Or, [insert season or special time of year] is here, let's draft some post/s on it! That's how I overcome it! Like my LFW post was a result of writers block haha. So to get to the point, I think of the time of year, what's popular and what can I afford to review right now that I want. And is there anything personal that I want to say to my readers either to let them get to know me or to give advice that hasn't been given. And soon enough your thoughts are the magic medicine and you're cured! :) <3 

Aftab's Answer:

Writers block is something that every blogger or journalist will experience at least once and it isn't the greatest feeling either. A sense of struggle to get that little creative part of your brain going. All is not lost though, you just need to reignite the flame that made you fall in love with what made you start writing in the first place. My love started when I went to visit new places, restaurants or bought new things that I just had to share with my readers. So that's what I do when I go through writers block, I headed out onto the streets of London, shop until I drop, scope out restaurants that I want to try, see what new products are out on the market or plan my next holiday destination. Even just walking around, watch the city go by sometimes gets that creativity running again. It's all about take a step back, accepting you have writers block and moving forward to fix it.

My Answer:

My problem is that often I start writing a post because I need to write it by a certain time, not because I want to. So my best advice is to write more in the spur of the moment. A lot of my posts recently have been written whilst I'm commuting on the tube, or in study breaks and I find that at times like that it's much easier to write because I want to - I don't have to. It's also great to take some time away from the laptop. Read magazines for inspiration, go for a walk, read a book or even read some blog posts and you are much more likely to be inspired than if you chain yourself to a laptop. But most importantly remember to write about things you love, not things that you think will be popular as ultimately you'll feel more inspired. 

Thank you for reading lovelies! If you'd like to be a part of the next Ask The Bloggers post, simply send me an email at and answer the question: 'Which bloggers inspire you?' Have a lovely Sunday - and don't forget to let me know how you tackle your writer's block! And also thanks again to Aftab, Fran, Rachel and Samantha! 


  1. Writers block is so evil - but can be overcome. Sometimes the best thing to do is not write at all, in-fact doing the complete opposite of what you're trying to do is the best answer! When I'm really struggling with my blog I will go for a walk, or go to the gym, maybe catch up on a programme and just completely forget about the blog. Suddenly out of nowhere an idea will pop into my head and BOOM, I have a post!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. That's great advice Sarah! I definitely find going out and doing something else to be great for blog inspiration!

  2. Some really interesting points in this post! I loved all the different answers. It's so important to write when you want to and not because you have to do, and inspiration can strike at the most random of times! Great post dear! xxxxx

    1. Yeah I always find inspiration comes exactly when I least expect it! xxx

  3. I always always write when I want to, not because I have to. It keeps me sane, makes it fun and comes out the way I want it :) thankfully I havent hit a bad writers block yet :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Yeah I definitely need to write more when I want to rather than when I need to! Makes it all worth it! :)

  4. I missed out on this, boo! :-( I 100% agree with you, Vicky, write more when inspiration hits so there's back up drafts ready to go when we hit a writer's block. I usually just completely switch off and go offline for a week or more but mine is more of feeling completely burnt out.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I know it's such a shame, you always give great advice too! And yeah exactly, I get burnt out too!

  5. This is such a helpful post, I struggle with writers block a lot. Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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