Lush | Skydancer - Far From The Madding Guns Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! Every now and then Lush comes up with a limited edition product completely out of the blue. This time it's the Skydancer - Far From The Madding Guns Bath Bomb (£3.95), a beautiful big bath bomb all for a great cause - protecting Hen Harriers. Proceeds from this bath bomb will go towards the RSPB's Skydancer campaign, helping to protect these beautiful yet endangered birds by satellite tagging hen harrier chicks so we can track and protect them. 

Scent wise this bath bomb is definitely intriguing. On the surface it smells like liquorice (something I've never liked) but it has a deeper scent to it too of cinnamon, bergamot oil and Sicilian lemon oil. These scents combine to create a an almost slightly sweet scent which continues on strongly even during the bath. 

When you put the Skydancer in your bath, it immediately starts to fizz away and the hen harrier flies beautifully around your bath leaving a vibrant trail of blue, grey and yellow. The bath bomb fizzes away for a long time (around 15 minutes I would say) so it is really lovely to just sit and watch it dissolve. Once the bath bomb has dissolved, you are left with neon green/yellow water that feels lovely and velvety to the touch. I have to say I really loved using this bath bomb, and it's a shame that it is limited edition as I would love to buy another one. 

If you're curious and feel like trying out this bath bomb, make sure you purchase it quickly as they will only be around for a very limited time. I'm pretty sure they are only being sold in the UK because it is a British campaign, but do let me know if I'm wrong. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! What do you think of the Skydancer - Far From The Madding Guns Bath Bomb?


  1. beautiful colours! I'm happy to say I tried my first bath bomb yesterday! :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. What a great cause! And it looks so beautiful in the bath x

    Martha Jane |

  3. I like it when a company does something like this, I have so much respect for them. Will buy this just for the good cause itself.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. Looks so cool and beautiful might need to pick this bath bomb up!


  5. Wow! this bath bomb definitely puts on a show. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  6. Wow! That is the coolest bath bomb i've seen yet! I'll have to see if they carry them here!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  7. Aw, I saw this in store a few days ago but was too distracted by the Oxford Street stuff. It looks SO lovely though, like it's flying around in the water. I'll definitely grab it!

    Lauren x

  8. This sounds lovely, it's so cute how it flies around the water! It's too bad that it's only sold in the UK ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  9. Love how it 'flies' across the water, so pretty! Must get my hands on this :)

    Courtney x


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