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Hello Lovelies! It's not often that I do lifestyle posts, but when something really blows me away the first thing I always want to do is blog about it. Yesterday me and my family went on a day trip to East Ruston Old Vicarage Gardens, in Norwich. Initially my expectations were low, as I had the impression that the gardens would be quite small scale considering they were designed and created by a couple, but no, they were actually an amazing 32 acres! Over my life I've seen a lot of gardens, and visited virtually every National Trust property in England so when I say this is the best garden I've ever seen in my life it shows that it really is something special. 

What makes this garden so amazing is the creativity of it. At times it feels almost like you've fallen in to an Alice and Wonderland novel, because it is filled with such quirky plants and gutsy flower combinations. Some of the flowers and plants I have never seen before, and even the ones I have were so pretty and vibrant. The gardens range massively from the Desert Wash Garden (a rocky Arizona inspired garden) to the Exotic Garden (a lovely exotic garden with raised ponds and a beautiful 'twister' fountain). Among the plants are also some stunning sculptures which can be found all around the garden. 

What I loved most about this garden is how inspiring it is. The couple Graham and Alan originally bought the house in 1973, commuting every weekend there from London to be there and work on the garden. Originally they hadn't had any intent to make a large garden at all, but found themselves buying more and more land around the property and building their garden entirely from scratch. I find it so inspiring how they've created such a wonderful and magical place on their own designing each and every garden, and definitely as a blogger it inspires me to be more creative and really push my own passions. 

If the beauty of the garden wasn't enough, there are also animals you can spot around the garden too including some beautiful cats, llamas, tropical birds, tortoises and chickens. The house itself isn't open, but I really wish it was as judging by the glimpses I caught through windows the interior design is really special. Adding to that there's also a lovely little tea room with some ridiculously tasty cake (because apparently everything there is amazing). You can also buy plants from the garden including some really lovely rare varieties. 

Admission to the garden costs £8.00 for an adult and £1.00 for a child (3-14 years), and is well worth a visit. The gardens are open for part of the year, and you can find the full dates here

Thank you for reading lovelies - let me know if you've been to any nice gardens recently!


  1. I can't believe this was made by just two people! It's really incredible. Also, your plant photography is really good!


  2. I want to go! It's not often that I visit gardens but the idea of losing myself surrounded by beautiful nature sounds pretty appealing :)

  3. How beautiful! I love gardens,such a gorgeous way to spend a summer's day, surrounded by nature <3


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