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Hello Lovelies! Face masks are definitely one of my favourite skincare products, but because they are so time consuming, they've never really secured a firm place in my weekly skin care routine. So you can imagine how happy I was when I learned that Simple have their own 'three minute' face mask, perfect for a busy (lazy) girl like me.

If you know Simple, you'll know that they are a brand famous for their 'simple' approach to skin care, meaning no artificial perfumes or colours, so it's perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Their Kind To Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask (£3.99) is no exception, and has the same no fragrance smell that most of the products have (which I've never really been a fan of if I'm honest). The texture of this is much thinner than traditional face masks, and is much similar to a moisturiser or lotion in texture. It also has three key 'skin loving ingredients': natural clay, seaweed extract and bisabolol (an oil derived from Chamomile).

The instructions say that you should apply this to a fully cleansed face, but the thing I found slightly annoying is that it didn't tell you whether you should apply a thick or a thin layer - so I decided to go for a thick layer on my face to be on the safe side. When I put this on my face, there was no immediate effect or change, but after washing this off, my skin instantly felt more clean and cleansed. 

After using this for a month (twice a week), I haven't noticed any dramatic difference to my skin. It has felt cleaner, but it hasn't really noticeably cleared up my skin. That said, I'm keen to keep trying this product until it runs out to see if it changes anything in the long run. 

Thank you for reading lovelies! What do you think of this 'three minute' face mask? Would you give it a go in your beauty routine?

-Oh and I had a bit of a nightmare with this post, it somehow went back into the drafts and deleted all the text? So apologies for having to re-write/re-post-


  1. Love Simple <3 Its great as I have really sensitive skin! lovely review :)
    Chloe xx

    1. Thanks - and yes it's amazing if you have sensitive skin!

  2. Never tried this brand, sounds amazing for sensitive skin (:
    Nati xx

  3. I haven't tried this before, and have never heard of the brand before, for that matter, but they sound great. Keep us updated on whether this works or not, because I'm genuinely curious! Have a lovely week!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

  4. I haven't tried this product. But I am wondering if these products can be used in conjunction with other products or exclusively just Simple products??


    1. Well I've personally been using it alongside other non Simple skin care products so I think it's fine either way but it might be more effective alongside Simple products? I don't really know to be honest!

  5. simple is such a great company

    check out my newest post

  6. I'm going to have to check this out. I've been using Origins, Boscia and Sephora masks which take between 10 and 30 minutes.

    S .x


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