Weekly Homeware/Gift Picks (24th November - 30th November)

Hey there lovelies! It's really hit me that Christmas isn't far away now (It's crazy that after this week we will be in December!). But at the same time, things have got so much busier - I hate end of year deadlines... This week I've picked yet another bunny item and featured yet another ohhdeer cushion, but still I hope you enjoy! Bonus points if you can spot my cheesy frozen joke... 

1. Zhu II Cushion £34.95 [x] : If you have been following my blog for a while, you've probably seen this panda somewhere or another. I am a bit obsessed with it ever since I saw it in one of Zoella's home posts. Why should you buy it? Because it's so damn adorable. 

2. Qualy Desk Bunny Scissors £19.99 [x] : Lets face it, desk spaces can be pretty boring. But with these desk bunny scissors you can add a bit of practical fun to your desk area. Plus the carrot is magnetic too, so you can put your paperclips there (comes with 20 paperclips). 

3. Pixel Time Clock £19.95 [x] : Ever imagined what life would be like if you lived in a video game? Well now with this pixel clock, you can really get an insight in to how things would look. 

4. Frosted Snowman Cupcake Mould £14.99 [x] : Do you want to bake a snowman? Well now you can. Pack contains four silicone moulds. 

5. Alessi Stanza Dello Scirocco Fruit Holder Black £41.00 [x] : This is probably about as cool as fruit bowls get. With floating geometric shapes, it can really add a modern edge to any kitchen table.

6. Pantone Universal Small Tray Cornish Cream £9.99 [x] : Brighten up your life with this Pantone tray in the happy colour Cornish cream. 

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! Don't forget to comment below and tell me what you think!


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    1. Yeah I've never seen anything like it before!

  2. That cushion is so cute and totally something i would buy.

    1. I know <3 I really need that cushion in my life!

  3. The pillow is so adorable...

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  4. Fab picks! Love the look of the bunny desk scissors as I'm always looking for ways to make my desk a bit more fun...but this one seems a little overpriced for me..damn it lol. Danielle x

    frontière girl

  5. I absolutely love the cushion! How cute is that? x x


  6. Snowman cupcakes look exciting! Abi :)


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