Vaseline healthy hand & nail conditioning lotion review

I think anyone who uses nail varnish regularly has had that slightly horrifying moment when they remove their nail varnish and realise that their nails are looking dry and unhealthy. Often that's the point where I rush to paint my nails again, and I'm sure that's what many other people do too. 

But I decided this time to invest again in a nail/hand lotion, and this time chose Vaseline's healthy hand and nail conditioning lotion. I tend to be a skeptic when trying beauty products but I found that my nails looked a lot smoother and less dry after the first use (which is pretty impressive). It also has a pleasant smell, but not overpoweringly fragrant. Whilst my main use for it is my nails, it also works as a good hand lotion too as it absorbs quickly and isn't greasy - but personally I think it works much better as a nail conditioner. 

It's also pretty cheap compared to other options  as this bottle cost £3.09, which is a good affordable price. 

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!