Should Disney create Plus-size Princesses?

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A petition was recently made by teenager Jewel Moore, urging Disney to create a plus size Disney princess, so that plus-size girls have a character they can look up to.

I agree with her, I think that as it stands the Disney princesses we see are hardly an apt representation of anyone - with Barbie proportions that are far too idealised. We need healthier looking Disney princesses, not necessarily plus size but they should reflect a real body type not one based entirely on fantasy.

As someone who is an average size (UK 8-10), I have always been incredibly anxious about my weight. Even now after watching Disney's newest film Frozen, I found that at the age of 17, there was still part of me that wanted to be like Princess Elsa. I wanted her perfectly small waist, long legs, glossy hair and beautiful big eyes. And if I'm honest, things like that make me want to lose weight, they make me question if my body is beautiful enough. Let's face it lots of women (me included) associate our own worth with our weight and beauty. I can't tell you how many times I've thought that if I was just skinnier or prettier that I'd be 'worth it.' We live in a society that tells us that Beauty=Skinny, and the Disney Princesses reflect this ideal, just like runway models and actresses.


Famously, Jennifer Lawrence, hailed as too fat for her role in The Hunger Games films, said that she refused to lose weight for the role, as she didn't want to encourage children to starve themselves to be like her. This is an example of how skewed the reality is that we're shown through TV programs, magazines, films etc... If someone has to go through a crash diet to achieve the acceptable weight or size fit for media - what does that say about our beauty standards? 

But then again it's easy to forget that Disney films are very fantastical and unrealistic - in reality kissing frogs won't bring you a prince - and singing, no matter how beautiful your voice is won't bring woodland creatures running to your door. And yet Disney is to so many relatable, with girls looking up to these princesses as their own role models. So why shouldn't there be a plus-size princess, one that is desired and loved just like any other princess with Barbie proportions? Is it so harmful to show children a realistic representation of a woman? I don't think so. I hardly think it will encourage obesity, it will if anything, teach girls that they can be beautiful no matter what their size. Women come in all beautiful shapes and sizes, and I think it's about time that Disney acknowledges that. 

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  1. I do agree with you, and I do not mean to offend anyone by this but shouldn't people just want to be healthy by the end of the day? I think that the Princesses should just look healthy, not skinny nor overweight. Just healthy? xx


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