I LOVE, Kotur Clutches

I recently discovered the brand Kotur, and fell in love with their quirky selection of chic and colourful clutches. The brand itself was founded by Fiona Kotur in 2004, specialising in clutches and bags (although they do nice heels too!). 

Rene glow-in-the-dark studded silicone clutch £420

It's actually worrying how cool I find it that this bag glows in the dark - and it looks amazing in normal light too. 

Kemble silk floral-aplliqued elaphe clutch £515

It's probably pretty clear by now that I like flowers on clothes, or anywhere, bags included - so I love these silk applique flowers, especially against the background of green. 

Margo tulle floral-applique clutch £320

I love how pretty and feminine this bag is and its coral shade - it also includes a chain so you can wear it over your shoulder.