The Book That I Can't Put Down - The Appeal by Janice Hallet

One murder. Fifteen suspects. Can you uncover the truth?

I don't know about you, but I love books. HOWEVER, the older I get (and the more busy) the harder it is to find books that really grip me. This is especially true when it comes to my favourite genre crime/thriller where it often feels like plot lines are reused, or authors try a little too hard to get that shock factor with a twist ending. But when I stumbled upon The Appeal in the book aisle at Sainsburys I was immediately intrigued. The reader the detective? Sign me up.

Why you shouldn't fear failure (and actually embrace it!)

Failure, the big ugly 'F' word... 

The funny thing about failure is that when it happens to you it somehow feels like you are the only ever person in this whole world, if not universe, who has ever failed at anything. Though of course, really when you think about it that's just your brain putting a big old spotlight on you and is not in any way reality.

VV Loves: Paloma Faith's Opulent Home Collection

Pictures: Paloma Home

When you think of opulent maximalist design, a hefty price point is usually synonymous. But with Paloma Faith's new home collection, she's challenging this perception and bringing a surprisingly affordable price range. Think House of Hackney, with a good helping of animal print thrown in (which is something I will never complain about...).