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Hello Lovelies!

You're probably sick to death of hearing about millennial pink by now but I am definitely in love with it. I mean I'm in love with pink in general anyway so that won't come as a surprise. This week's picks are from House of Fraser, Oliver Bonas, Cath Kidston and H&M!

1. Cotton Dog Feather Filled Cushion £40.00 [x] : Recently I've started to see more and more Ted Baker Home products pop up and I honestly can't complain. They are definitely very very girly, but I do think this Frenchie cushion is adorable!

2. Frankie Dog White Speckle Ring Holder £10.00 [x] : What is it with Oliver Bonas and the amazing ring holders and trinket trays? Yet another adorable one I want. 

3. Crazy Cat Lady Mug £7.50 [x] : I love dogs, and of course have my own beautiful Flossie but I am also one of those people who will stop and stroke every cat I see. And let's not even start on my Hello Kitty obsession... Basically I need this mug in my life. 

4. Vico Table Lamp £36.00 [x] : For the longest time I've wanted one of these Oliver Bonas lights with the big light bulb because they are just so pretty. Now they have one in this gorgeous pink shade, I don't know how I'll resist! 

5. Small Painted Cats Double Oven Glove £15.00 [x] : How sweet are these cat oven gloves? I need a pair for my kitchen right now. 

6. Scented Calendar in a holder £12.99 [x] : As I keep saying, H&M are just really killing it at the moment with homeware. Isn't this just the cutest candle? 

Love Vicky x


  1. the cushion is so cute but being a cat lady, would have preferred a cute kitten on it :P
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I need everything in this post omg - especially the mug!


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Thanks for your comments, I love reading them and will be sure to visit your blog soon :) have a lovely day!