Sunday, 26 March 2017

Lush | Mum Bath Bomb


Hello Lovelies! Happy Mother's Day! For me it hasn't felt like the day at all because technically I'll be celebrating it tomorrow when my mum is back but it's been nice seeing how everyone else has spent the day. Personally I've always felt very lucky to have both my mum and dad, because I know not everyone has that and days like this can be really hard for some. 

But enough of that, let's talk about Lush's Mum Bath Bomb. What you should know is that there's actually two versions - a pink and yellow one (this is the pink!). Price wise it's on the cheaper end for Lush at only £2.95. To me this bath bomb smells like sweets and I'm totally not complaining. It has a mixture of citrus and rose scents which combine to make just the loveliest scent. As you can expect from the price, this bath bomb is a really simple one - it dissolves to pink super quickly, but does have a cute little Thanks Mum message inside too which is a lovely touch!


All in all this is a lovely little bath bomb, but nothing mind blowing. The scent is by far my favourite thing about it because as you know by now I love my sweet scents. This year's Mother's Day collection is definitely my favourite yet, so if you get the chance to pick up any last minute products make sure you do!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Hope you had a great week!



  1. This bath bomb may not be the best Lush has done, but it is such a treat to give on Mother's Day! The little message is really cute, plus the scent sounds lovely. It's a shame my mum doesn't take baths! I'd buy it and use it myself haha :P

    Julia x
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