Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (30th November - 6th December)

Hello Lovelies! As Christmas gets closer, you'll find my blog pretty much surrendering to the festivities which it pretty much already has to be fair, whoops...  This week, I wanted to do a bit of an alternative Christmas look as my theme. However, if I'm honest, whilst my style usually rears on the quirky side I actually like keeping Christmas decorations traditional. But for the sake of an exciting Christmas post, I decided to pick out some fun and alternative decorations and embrace the craziness. Picks this week come from John Lewis, Paperchase, Habitat and Liberty. 

Lifestyle | Pawsome November Box

Hello Lovelies! Another month, another Pawsome box*! Me and Molly have been receiving these for a while now and honestly they are such a fun thing for us to share together so I'm so thankful for Pawsome box sending them over. If you haven't caught any of my reviews of these in the past, then you should Pawsome box is a subscription box service where you can subscribe or buy individual boxes as a treat for your dog (Perfect for birthdays and Christmas!). But anyway, lets get in to what was in this month's box!

Lush | Cinders Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! If you're anything like me, you're already embracing the Christmas spirit. I have my Christmas playlist on the go, festive drinks a plenty and even just saw some reindeer! But with the festivities, comes the biting cold, and so warm baths have become the ultimate comfort. Cinders (£2.95) is a small sweet cinnamon scented bath bomb, with red popping candy. 

Christmas | Fun And Quirky Christmas Cards

Hello Lovelies! This time of the year is my favourite time to blog, for one good reason: CHRISTMAS POSTS! And whilst I have been super super busy lately, I have managed somehow against all the odds to prepare a few Christmas posts for you all, so yay! If you haven't figured it out already, I take gift giving a little bit too seriously, from the present, to the wrapping paper right down to the card. Truth be told, I'm super sentimental, so I love to pick out cards that people will love and make them feel special. I mean isn't that what Christmas is all about, anyway?

Home | Dartington Daisy Flower Bottle

Hello Lovelies! Fresh flowers are definitely one of the nicest things in the world, especially when they come from your own garden (like these lovely ones above!). My mum is a keen gardener so I've always been surrounded by them, which probably explains my slight obsession with florals *cough* my blog theme *cough*. But really who doesn't love fresh flowers?

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (23rd November - 29th November)

Hello Lovelies! I may have got a serious case of the Sunday/Monday blues, but one thing that has definitely put a smile on my face is this week's Homeware/Gift picks. It's loosely inspired by the 50's and it just turned out looking so fun. This week's picks are from Unique and Unity (Vintage by Hemmingway and Izola), Dotcomgiftshop and Liberty (Newgate Clocks and Fishs Eddy).

Lush | Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

Hello Lovelies! One of the Lush products I couldn't wait to share with you all is the lovely Peeping Santa Bubble Bar/Bubbleroon (£3.95). Slightly creepy name aside, the Peeping Santa Bubbleroon is one of my favourite new additions this year because the design is absolutely adorable. A lovely cocoa butter filling is sandwiched between two strawberry pieces of bubble bar and finished off with two dairy free chocolate eyes and lovely sparkly hearts. And let me tell you this smells gorgeous, who doesn't love strawberry scents?

Christmas | Ronnie The Reindeer Necklace

Hello Lovelies! I have always been one to embrace Christmas a little on the early side but hey December is only about nine days away now so is it really too early to get a little festive? The thing that I can't understand however, is how some people have already done all their Christmas shopping. That impresses me and scares me at the same time, I haven't even bought one... But when I saw this adorable Ronnie the Reindeer necklace I thought it was the perfect gift... for myself, whoops...

Lush | So White Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! Another day, another Lush review. It's crazy to think that I've almost tried all my Lush Christmas products and it's not even December yet. By this rate I won't have any to use at Christmas. One of the bath bombs that I wasn't so excited about was So White (£3.65) but that's only because amongst all the sparkle and fun of the Christmas collection, it's a little bit lost. 

Fashion | Starry Nights Wish List

Hello Lovelies! It's actually been a while since I've done any type of fashion post, and that's mostly because I'd planned to do OOTDs but in pure Vicky style, I got too insecure to do them which is such a blogger problem. But one thing I love doing is wish lists, especially when I find something that really inspires me and this time it was stars. There are so so many pretty star inspired looks everywhere at the moment, which I love because it's a slightly subtle way of channelling a festive look. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (16th November - 22nd November)

Hello Lovelies! Time feels like it is slipping away like crazy at the moment, which I hate because I love this time of year. Give me lots of Christmas novelty, gingerbread lattes and Christmas songs and I am one happy girl. But honestly, I have some tests coming up in December that are really important so I may just be a little bit stressed at the moment, just a little bit... Anyways, this week's picks are from John Lewis, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and H&M home!

Lush | Yog Nog Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! Lush's Yog Nog Bath Bomb (£3.95) has definitely been one of the most hyped up products from this year's new Christmas collection - and with good reason as it shares its scent with the gorgeous Yog Nog Soap.  And when I say the scent is gorgeous, I really mean it - this is my favourite Lush scent! It's a gorgeous buttery, toffee like, vanilla-ry scent which is a mix of Organic Shea Butter, Clove Bud Oil, Soya Milk Powder and Ylang Ylang Oil. 

My Sophie Corrigan Portrait

Hello Lovelies! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this adorable illustration I commissioned from my favourite illustrator Sophie Corrigan. Her illustrations are always so cute and quirky, so I felt like her style fitted my blog perfectly. And let me tell you she was a dream to work with. She completed the drawing really quickly, and it turned out to be even more than I could have expected. 

Gifts | What I Got My Sister

Hello Lovelies! Before I start this blog post I just wanted to do a shout out to my sassy friend Scott who found out about my blog yesterday. Apparently telling people about my blog doesn't embarrass me any more? Don't get me wrong I still cringe at myself, but it's nice actually being able to tell people because that used to scare me way too much. But anyway, back to the point, yesterday was among other things my sister's birthday. It was actually also Remembrance day too and funnily enough Peppero day (a day completely dedicated to the snack Peppero, because the date 11/11 looks like it). But really most importantly in the Nightingale household it was my sister's birthday so I wanted to share with you a couple of things I bought for her because 1) I am obsessed with gifts and 2) as a little tribute to her 23rd birthday. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (9th November - 15th November)

Hello Lovelies! This week I'm bringing you another random collection of things, because I can't for the life of me think of a theme these days. Ah, past Vicky really had her life together... This week's picks are from Society 6 (Gemma Correll), Edited, Nikki McWilliams and Oliver Bonas. 

Lush | Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

Hello Lovelies! I'm going to put this out there before I even start my review, I really don't like the smell of Candy Mountain. I know I'm a minority here, but it's so sweet it just gives me a headache. But that said it's a love it or hate it smell, so a lot of you reading this will love it and won't be the Scrooge I am about it. Whilst I don't like the sickly sweet candy smell this has, I do love the design. It reminds me a lot of the Unicorn Bubble Bar from this year's Valentine's day collection as it has that same fantastical fun feel to it. It's the sort of thing I could imagine popping up around Lapland, even though I'm sure pink and white mountains aren't a thing. But hey, that would be pretty cool if they were. 

Beauty | Clinique Nude Pop Lip Colour and Primer

Hello Lovelies! If you live in the UK, chances are you've seen some of the amazing Clinique freebies available in this month's Glamour (the one with Tanya Burr). There's four available including two mini lipsticks, and so I went for the one in Nude Pop. Clinique is a brand I've never tried before, because my wallet and high end makeup have a pretty nonexistent relationship, so as you can imagine I was super excited to try the Clinique Nude Pop Lip Colour and Primer out. 

Lush | Stardust Bath Bomb

Hello Lovelies! There's a big debate going on at the moment, dividing families and friends, and that's 'Is it Christmas yet?' And honestly, I'll be the first to admit I'm already in the Christmasy mood. I've already had two Gingerbread lattes, listened to a Christmas playlist and watched the John Lewis Christmas advert. I just really like Christmas, ok? 

Beauty | Maggs London Loveday Makeup Bag

Hello Lovelies! Recently because I've been going a little bit crazy with spending *cough* Lush and Starbucks *cough* I've put myself on a spending ban, so the inspiration for my little corner of the internet has been running a bit dry. And by a bit dry, I really mean my mind has become a desert. Luckily for me though, my sister Lizzie is a lifesaver because she has excellent taste and actually lets me review things she buys (Thank God for siblings). One of her most recent purchases, which I really have to resist stealing off her is this adorable Maggs London Loveday Makeup Bag (£26.99). 

Lifestyle | Pawsome October Box

Hello Lovelies! Another month, another Pawsome box* yay! I'm not sure who is more excited about this me or Molly, probably Molly. This time the Pawsome box has had a bit of a makeover with some really cute little dog illustrations inside and outside of the box, which are so adorable and was a nice little touch to see. As with every Pawsome box, you get your Paw Notes booklet telling you about all the products in the box. It's actually like a mini dog magazine, so it's perfect if you love finding out more about dogs and want a bit more in depth detail about what's in the box. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (2nd November - 8th November)

Hello Lovelies! This week I'm on reading week, so holiday, but not really holiday as I have to study but hey at least I get lie ins! Today I haven't really gone with a theme, but everything turned out quite fun and girly, so maybe I should just pretend that was intentional... This week's picks are from OhhDeer, Oliver Bonas, RocknRose and PiggyParcel.