Review: St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Hey lovelies! I don't know about you, but I really love using and trying out facial scrubs because they always seem to have a noticeable affect on my skin - whether that's a bad or a good one. Over the years I have tried quite a few scrubs where it feels a little like I'm rubbing sand over my face and left my face sore but there are some facial scrubs out there that really do work wonders. The Apricot Scrub (£3.99) is one of them. I've been using this for several months now, once a week (and somehow this is still like half full?) so it's really great value. This particular scrub is meant for people with oily and blemish prone skin - as it is completely oil free!

Meet Molly Nightingale + Pawsome Box Review

Hey Lovelies! I was very lucky to be sent a February Pawsome Box* this month, and when I got it, I could not wait to share it with my favourite fur ball, Molly! I really love the idea of getting a subscription box for your dog, as it's a really lovely and fun thing you can share with them. Even better the box is personalised for you and your dog, according to size, breed. At £19.90 per month, this box is a little pricey but you definitely get your money's worth. But before I tell you what's in this month's box, I'm going to tell you a little about the adorable Shetland Sheepdog I shared it with. 

Review: Lush's Mother Superior Bubble Bar

Hey lovelies! After the slightly mixed feelings I had about Lush's Bubblegrub Bubbleroon, I was honestly feeling a little unenthused about Lush's Mother's Day collection. It just hasn't excited me as much as their Christmas or Halloween collection which is a bit of a shame. However, I have to say I really loved their Mother Superior Bubble Bar (£3.75). For those of you who are confused about what it is meant to be, it is actually a nun! Scent wise I am really not sure what this smells like but apparently the scent is meant to be similar to Sakura as it has a mixture of Jasmine and Citrus scents. But honestly I'm not even going to try and describe to you what this smells like because I am so horrendous at it! What I will say though is that I do like the smell. 

Little Blogging Tips Series: DIY Blog Design Links

Hey Lovelies! If you've followed me for a while, you will know that I'm a big believer in the fact that you don't need to pay for a theme, in order to have a good looking and professional blog. There are so many little tweaks you can do to your blog yourself that will really help to improve the look of things. So I thought I would put together this list of super helpful tutorials that can dramatically change your blog. Some of these are super easy, and some slightly trickier but if you follow the steps you will be fine - no prior knowledge of Html or CSS needed! Obviously I take no credit for any of these tutorials - I just hope they will help you like they have done for me. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (23rd February - 1st March)

Hey lovelies! Happy Monday! I can't believe February is nearly over because this year just seems to keep on going quicker and quicker. In this week's homeware/gifts picks there is quite a lot of adorableness, arguably too much!  

Some Of My Favourite Looks From A/W 2015-16 So Far

Hello lovelies! Something you might not know about me is I'm a massive fan of high fashion, and would die if I ever got the opportunity to go to Fashion Week, that would actually be heaven... So I thought I'd share some of the latest fashion looks I have been loving from the Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collections with also a bit of information about the Design houses for those of you who are curious. This is only a small selection, because it would take forever to go through everything but I hope you like it!

Review: Lush's Bubblegrub Bubbleroon

Hey lovelies! Guess who went on yet another Lush splurge? Surprise, surprise, I did! When I saw this adorable little caterpillar like thing I just had to get one. If you didn't know already, Lush recently came out with it's new Mother's Day collection which has a earthy/garden theme. When I went to the Lush store in Waterloo, I was a little annoyed at how many Bubblegrubs were damaged. This was practically the only one that actually had two eyes and two ears (antennas?) and the Mother Superior Bubble bars also looked a little bashed which is really a shame considering they both look so cute when properly made. But anyway, onto the Bubblegrub. 

Little Blogging Tips Series: Organisation

Hey lovelies! Yes, in this week's post I'm bringing up the dreaded 'O' word, that I'm sure we all love. It seems like people are always telling us to be organised, and is given as the solution to almost any problem. Want to do well at school? Stay organised! Want to have a great blog? Organise! Personally I was always that teenager who randomly shoved paper into my file, and couldn't care less that it wasn't in order, but somehow I would virtually never miss a deadline and was 'organised' in my own way. Being organised as a blogger is about finding what works for you, so even if you are terribly unorganised, you can find little ways to become more productive and organised on your blog. There is hope!

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (16th February - 22nd February)

Hey lovelies! How is your monday going? Mine was pretty gloomy, until I ended up going on a bit of a Lush splurge (whoops)... Needless to say, I hope you enjoy this week's picks and have a great day!

1. Little Deer Throw Pillow (by Amy Hamilton) $27.00 [x] : Amy Hamilton is one of my new obsessions, all of her designs are so beautiful and this cushion especially is just adorable! How could you not want this cute face on your bed or sofa? 

2. Lightbulb Tea Light Holder £7.99 [x] : If you want a quirky alternative to the usual tea light holder, this light bulb one is perfect. 

3. Acorn Tea Infuser £9.99 [x] : I've lost count of how many amazing tea infusers I've seen and I just love this acorn one, it's adorable. 

4. Breakfast in Bed £12.00 [x] : If you suffer from laziness (like me) then you will love this breakfast in bed book, dedicated to duvet meals - now all you need is someone to make breakfast for you!

5. Hexagon Side Table £120.00 [x] : This is just so pretty - I love how it has a slightly art deco feel! 

6. The Rise And Fall Sleeping Fox Cushion £35.00 [x] : I love the idea of using this cushion for a chair, as it looks like a fox is sleeping in it - also it reminds me 

Thank you for reading lovelies! Are you tempted by anything on this list? Let me know in the comment section below!

Review: Lush Love Locket Bath Bomb

Hey lovelies! Today I am going to tell you what I thought of Lush's Love Locket Bath Bomb! This is the third and last Valentine's product I'll be reviewing - but if you missed the last two reviews you can check them out here (floating flower) and here (unicorn horn). I have to say that I was really reluctant to buy this (even though I love Lush) because 1) I'm single and heartbroken (so a bit bitter about Valentine's) and 2) the price - £6.95! But I still ended up buying it anyway - because I was too curious not to. 

Little Blogging Tips Series: Post Ideas

Hey lovelies! In this week's post I thought I'd share some post ideas with you. The majority of these are not mine - but instead post ideas I've found on other people's blogs that I think are good ideas or inspiring. Each post title has a click through link, so you can check out the original post to get a real idea of what to write about on your blog. I really hope you find this helpful - and thanks to all the amazing people who's posts are featured here (there's quite a lot of you!). 

Are You Totally Clueless?

Hey lovelies! If you've ever seen Clueless before, you'll know two things 1) It's an amazing movie and 2) Cher is absolutely and utterly clueless when it comes to love and match-making. When I watch Clueless, it really does make me wonder if I'd be good at setting up my friends and vice-versa.

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (9th February - 15th February)

Hey Lovelies! Hope you're having a great Monday! Just like last week, there's a mixture of Valentine's themed things and the just damn adorable. My favourite gift idea this week is definitely these Boomf marshmallows, they seem like such a fun idea!

Lush's New Mother's Day Collection

Hello lovelies! Hope you're having a lovely saturday - thank god it's the weekend! As you may or not know, Lush has released their new Mother's Day (Spring) collection *squeals excitedly*. I sort of hate the fact this has been released, as I'm trying to budget right now and I'm not sure I'll be able to resist buying one of their new products. 

First up, is this adorable Mother Superior Bubble Bar (£3.75). A lot of people seem to have thought this was a baby or a whole load of weird things, but it's actually meant to be a nun in case you were wondering. It took me a while to realise myself. This has scents like Sicilian Lemon Oil, Jasmine and Orange Blossom and will turn your water a lovely bubbly blue.

A Little Look Inside My Wardrobe

Hey lovelies! Something I've realised is that I haven't really shared any of my wardrobe with you at all - despite loving fashion and clothes. I would love to do an OOTD, but honestly I am too shy too, and hate how I look in photos, so I thought instead I'd just show you some of my pieces. I have quite a cutesy sense of style, and have been obsessed with pastels for the last three years, so they are everywhere in my wardrobe. I'm also super picky, and hardly ever buy new things as I like to buy stuff that I really love rather than lots of items. 

Little Blogging Tips Series: How To Stay Inspired

Ironically I had a serious case of writer's block today. I spent the whole time trying to work out what to write about in this week's Little Blogging Tips Series post, opening a new window starting to write and then feeling like I'd hit a brick wall. Then I decided what better to write about at a time like this then how to stay inspired. Here are a few of my best tips:


Why did you start blogging? What kind of content did you originally want to create? Have a good think about why you created your blog, and the posts you have really loved doing. Make sure you're doing posts that you enjoy doing and are actually passionate about. It's easy to fall into the hole of creating content you think people want to read, but you don't have your heart in. Make a list of the posts you've loved doing and the ones that you didn't really and you'll get an idea about what to write about in the future. 

Weekly Homeware/Gifts Picks (2nd February - 8th February)

Hey Lovelies! It's February already, and I can't really believe it. I can't even believe that we're in 2015, but time is going so quickly. As with every Monday, I am here again with my Homeware and Gifts picks for the week, and this week the mood has gone quite romantic, inspired by the fact that Valentine's Day is coming soon. I hope this gives those lucky people in relationships some inspiration - and to all the single girls, I hope it brings you some too. 

February 'Birchbox Loves' Review

Hey Lovelies! Today I'm going to be telling you my thoughts on February's Birchbox*. I know what you're thinking, I only reviewed one of these a couple of days ago - but honestly I was too excited to share my thoughts on this one with you, that I gave in and decided to do the post today. The theme of this month is 'Birchbox Loves' - which ties in with Valentine's Day approaching. The box is also (as you might notice), much slimmer than usual and this is because Birchbox are launching their Slimbox! The Slimbox will cost the same and contain the same products as the larger box, but instead it will fit through your letter box meaning that you won't have to be around to collect it. From tomorrow, Birchbox subscribers will be able to opt in to the slimbox, so keep that in mind if you're subscribed! Personally I prefer the bigger box, but this is definitely much more convenient as I won't have to worry about being around to collect it.

With the box, as always came information on the products and costs, as well as this cute little 'Birchbox Loves' booklet which talks about products that Birchbox really love. There's also a little note saying that you won't want to miss out on their March box, as there will be a very special surprise for those who like makeup, so you won't want to miss out!