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How To Get More Readers For Your Blog

One of the most annoying things is when you make a post, put lots of love and effort in to it, and then get no comments at all, or only a few. This will probably make you think your content is bad, but the reality is that if you produce great content but nobody knows it exists then you'll get no comments. So I thought I'd share you some of my tips to get readers for your blog, there are quite a few!


Go visit blogs, read their articles and leave a comment. Make sure that you don't just comment on blogs for the sake of it, try to make an effort to engage with what you're reading and leave a good comment rather than just 'nice post' or 'Love this'. Leave your url after the comment, and the blogger might just check out your blog too! If you want to make the link to your blog clickable then you can use this HTML in your comment: <a href="YOUR BLOG URL"> YOUR BLOG NAME </a>


It's very unlikely that someone is going to stumble across your content by accident, so try sharing it as much as you can. For example if you read a post where someone has done a review on a product you've also done a review on, then leave a link so they can see what you thought of it. 


I've seen so many blogs with 'x,xxx' amount of followers but when you look at their blogs, there's hardly any comments on their posts - then you check their account and realise they've followed lots of blogs and that's why they have so many followers. When you ask someone to follow for follow - it usually sends the message that you have no interest in their blog whatsoever and will probably put quite a lot of people off from visiting your blog. Plus, if someone is following you just because you'll follow them, it's unlikely they'll make any effort to read your posts as they'll be following so many other people. Trust me, it might feel a lot slower, but it's better to get followers that really count who actually love your content. A high amount of followers does not necessarily mean lots of people are going to visit or read your blog! 


I can never say this enough times, but always try to make your blog look as nice as you can! This doesn't mean you have to go and buy a premium theme or know how to use HTML by any means. Have a go with changing fonts, adding colour or creating a nice header but don't go crazy. Try using a colour scheme or theme. If you don't have any editing software, try using Photobucket or Polyvore to create a header. Also, if you're really keen to improve your blog, check out sites like icanbuildablog or hopefulhoney for blogging resources/tutorials. 


The name of your blog is really important. It doesn't have to be the most amazing blog name ever, but you need something memorable or interesting that will attract readers to your blog, and make them re-visit. Examples of memorable blog names are: OWL-GIRLSTYLELOBSTER and MANREPELLER. Avoid long names, or names with a number as they can be harder to remember. 


I'm not the biggest twitter user, but this is a great way to find new blogs and engage with other bloggers. If you're a keen user of twitter, add a link of your blog to your account and consider tweeting your posts with relevant hashtags so that other people can discover your tweets. 


Have all your social media links clearly displayed, so people can follow you. Also if you're not on Bloglovin already, make an account! It's a great way for people to follow you and is used by lots of bloggers. You can make an account here. 


Linkwithin is a great way to get people reading more of your content, simply add the widget and it will suggests other posts the reader might like below your posts. You can get the widget here.


Make an effort to make content that is helpful/interesting to your readers. Make sure that you don't just make posts with a picture and a set of links, it's really important to have a voice on your blog. If you do beauty reviews, try and make them as helpful as possible. Show the reader what the product looks like - do swatches etc and be as honest as you can! Another good tip is to try and make unique content - that you don't see anywhere else. An example of this is my Modern Disney Princess series. It will really attract readers if you have something unique to offer, so try your best to explore new ideas for your blog ideas. If you have creative block, check out my '30 Blog Post Ideas' post. 

Hope these tips were helpful, have a great day lovelies!


  1. Great tips! I always wondered now people embedded the 'you might also like' bit into their posts - Think it really helps drive internal traffic on your blog!

    Also, I was happily reading through this and then I saw that you had mentioned me! I am so touched - thank you my dear! <3 I am so glad my blog name is memorable! I made it up in 2006, which was a reeeeally long time ago!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    1. Haha I always wondered that too until I found out :) And I've always loved your blog name, it's really stuck in my memory since I first saw it. It's just a really cute name haha. How did you come up with it?

  2. Such a great and informative post. All the points you have made are so well thought out and exactly the right way of going about building a following! Love your writing style too! Great blog!!

    Lyndsey xxx


  3. I just added LinkWithin! That's a great widget. Thank you for sharing since I was always creating them myself using links! Silly me! I also learned how to make my link clickable Run Mommy Run See :)

  4. Another great post, Victoria and yes, I agree with leaving the url thing. It's a great way for other to notice your blog and also a great way for me to discover new blogs to follow.


  5. Great post! I love how conversational your writing style is.
    Thanks for sharing the LinkWithin widget! I've been looking for that for a while now.

    1. Thank you and no worries :) That was a thing I'd been searching for and I was so happy when I found it!

  6. This is just a great post! It's so helpful, I've only recently started so I've been trying to find how can I talk and find other blogs, so thank you so much for these tips they are very helpful!

    Sneha xx

    1. Glad this was helpful, hope these tips turn out to be useful!

  7. Lovely posts and great tips too! Abi :)

  8. Is it ironic I got here from a link you left on my blog haha? Great tips though, I love reading things like this to help me along x

    tmzn loves x

    1. Haha, that is pretty ironic :) Glad you like them x

  9. I love blog posts like this, really inspiring and always make me want to keep blogging my heart out :) x


  10. Such a great post! I've been wondering how to add related posts for ages now but this was so helpful, thank you :) xx

    Kay | What Kay Does

    1. I'd been wondering how to do that forever and was so happy when I found out :)

  11. For some frustrating reason, Linkwithin doesn't work with my blog! It works in my other blog which talks about writing, but not in my fashion blog. I wonder why. Thanks for your tips! :)

    xxx MODEmoiselle on Bloglovin.

    1. That's annoying! You can always try http://nrelate.com/ - never used it myself but that might work?

  12. Great tips Victoria! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
    I will definitely begin using Linkwithin in my blog, I had a hard time finding how to that but now I know thanks to this post :)
    And I also learned how to make my link clickable on the comments:

    Salha Abuhayar

  13. Wow this really helped! Thank you so much I am definitely going to make changes to my blog.
    I would really appreciate it if you checked my blog out.
    Pretty Little Things

  14. Really helpful post!! I haven't been familiar with linkwithin widget till now!!! Gonna go and put it on my blog right now!! Thank you!!

  15. what great tips... I am in the process of redoing my blog and have found Linkedwithin, I love it :)


  16. You have no idea how much this will help me I am a relatively new blogger so post like this really help me I have always want to know how to do the clickable blog link so here I go hopefully this works...
    Another Teen On The Web


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