Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Colour Series #2: Bewitching In Black

(Asos Pencil Dress with Cutwork Lace Crop £75.00 [x])
I think every girl loves to wear the colour black, as it can be so effortlessly chic. I've picked out some of my favourite pieces in the colour (which was very easy) - if anything I chose too many! 
(1. Topshop Ruffle Soft Lace Kimono £60.00 [x], 2. Topshop Lace Bralet £22.00 [x], 3. Topshop Knitted PU Flower Crop Top £42.00 [x])

One of the things I really love is black lace, and I love how intricate and beautiful the lace is on the kimono and the bralet. If you want a cuter look, this Knitted flower crop top is perfect - even if it's not the right weather for it yet. 

(1. Embroidered Smock Blouse by Kate Moss £35.00 [x], 2. Long Fringe Tassel Dress by Kate Moss £45.00 [x], 3. Miss Selfridge Organza Skirt £39.00 [x], 4. Miss Selfridge Organza Bra Top £30.00 [x], 5. Miss Selfridge Black Scratch Print Mini Skirt £20.00 [x], 6. Miss Selfridge Double Layer Lace Top £20.00 [x])

If you love Kate Moss for Topshop, there are lots of items of hers on sale at the moment like her embroidered smock blouse and fringe tassel dress. My personal favourite of all of these is the organza Co-ord as I love the lady-like vibe it has. 

(Monki Exclusive Bella Eye Flat Slipper Shoes £15.00 [x], Asos Bulldog Jewellery Holder with Gold Wings £6.00 [x], Paul's Boutique Betsy Black Ipad case £29.99 [x])

I love these quirky (almost egyptian like?) Monki shoes, they're definitely unique. My second choice here is a bit of a cheat, because it's not really clothes or accessories, but how can you not love this bulldog with wings? It's so damn adorable... My third choice is this Ipad case from Paul's Boutique. I'm not sure why I keep on looking at Ipad cases, I don't even own one! But I think this one is really cool.

(1. Lavish Alice Black Peep Toe Tread Sole Platform Sandals £38.00 [x], Black Chevron Panel Structured Tote Bag £45.00 [x], 3. Zara Ballerina Flats with gems £29.99 [x])

I love these chunky heels from Lavish Alice, but if I'm honest I'd rather wear these Zara ballerina flats as I'm not much of a heel girl. I also love the detail on this River Island bag!

What was your favourite piece? Any ideas what colour I should do next. Tell me in the comment section below!

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  1. I'd love for you to do a post on neon colours x

    1. Cool, I'll do a post on one of the neon colours then :) x

  2. Your colour series are awesome! I bet they are a lot of work but I think it'd be nice to see them everynow and then even if it is the same colour :)
    Those monki shoes look realllly similar to the Chiara Ferragni slippers I think and are much more affordable! Also that winged-dog is hilarious and so cute :) xx Lara

    1. Thanks :) You're right, they do look a lot like those shoes - thought they looked familiar. Thanks for the comment xx

  3. Love your colour posts, always inspiring to me and this time on my all around favourite colour, black! I really like that tote handbag, it's gorgeous! No idea if you have done this before, but can you do something with floral print? I have a white skort with blue floral print, it's gorgeous but I struggle to find a top to go with it. :-(

    Shireen xx

    1. I'm happy that you like these posts haha. I'll do a separate post on floral prints for you :) xx

  4. Thank you for this post I just adore the flats number 3, the shirt and skirt number 3 and 4!!

    1. Glad you liked them :) I really want those flats!


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