Thursday, 14 August 2014

Modern Disney Princesses Series #2: Mulan

I found it hard to imagine what the Modern Mulan would be like - she's strong, a bit of a tomboy but feminine at the same time. I can imagine Mulan loving strong prints and powerful colours. 
Accessories wise I think she'd keep things simple and go for strong graphic designs. Tell me what you think below. Is my idea of what Mulan would wear similar to yours... - or the complete opposite?

Button Through Peplum Top £24.00 [x] | Scratch Print Skort £34.00 [x] | Horoscope Tee £16.00 [x] | Airtex Zip Front Blouse £32.00 [x] | Oversized Biker Jacket £60.00 [x] | Strappy Top with Conrast Piping £29.99 [x]

Premium Suede Slip Backpack £65.00 [x] Asos Mini Ying Yang Watch £6.00 [x] | Tatty Divine Magpie Necklace £60.00 [x] | Asos Pentagram Ring £8.00 [x] | Knight Lace Up Shoes £48.00 [x]


  1. Love this! It is totally what I would imagine on Mulan nowadays(:
    Wonderful post!

  2. I really love this series! Again, brilliant pick and I really like that red top!

    1. Thanks, I really love doing this series - it's so fun :)

  3. [ Smiles ] Very stylish and by the way, I love the watch!

    1. It is a very cool watch. Was so happy when I found it as it fits Mulan perfectly.

  4. Such a great idea for a blog series, fantastic post! You've found some real gems here as well <3

    Efflorescent Dream


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