I LOVE, Yiqing Yin SS 2014 RTW

When I saw that Yiqing Yin had a ready-to-wear collection, I was excited to see how she, being a designer famous for her haute couture, could transform her art into everyday wear. What I love about this collection is her ability to use bold design like the Alexander Mcqueen-esque prints below, whilst maintaining a natural subtlety. If you've seen her haute couture collections before, you'll know that her pieces are always very dramatic. To me her work in the past has always reminded me of spiders (which I am terrified of), and skeletons - although like Iris Van Herpen, her collections always seem to be from out of this world - so it's hard to pinpoint where her inspiration comes from. 

My favourite piece from the collection is the white dress (below). I love how the fabric of the dress is so delicate, as it gives the piece a beautiful sense of vulnerability. 

Due to my obsession with bows, I adore the back of this dress.

To view the rest of her collection, click here