As of February 2016 I will be offering two advertising packages on VVNightingale to bloggers and businesses. Currently I offer two packages which will run from the first day of the month till the last. Payments must be made via paypal, and will be served on a first come basis. Both packages are charity packages, dedicated to two beautiful girls. If you are interested in advertising with me, please send me an email at

Stats as of 24/4/2016

Bloglovin Followers: 444
Average Monthly Views: 10,500 + 
Total Blog Views: 140,000+
Twitter Followers: 1,140
Instagram Followers: 474

The Josie Package in aid of The Cystic Fibrosis Trust £5.00 (one available per month)

My top package is named after blogger Josie from the blog SickChickChic who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. As a tribute to her and how much she has inspired me, all proceeds from this package in 2016 will go to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust which you can read about here.

- Top of the blog buttons in my sidebar
- An Individual FF every Friday of the month on Twitter
- The first paragraph in my Meet My Advertisers post (including four links to my favourite posts of yours)
- Four Retweets of your posts 

0 February Slots Available
0 March Slots Available
0 April Slots Available
0 May Slots Available
0 June Slots Available
0 July Slots Available
1 August Slot Available

The Natalie Scott Package £3.00 (four available per month) in aid of The Meningitis Research Foundation

My second package is named after someone I know's sister, the beautiful Natalie Scott who passed away from Meningitis just last year. This is for her, and the hope that I can raise some money in her memory. You can read about her story here. All proceeds will go to her Remembrance fund at the Meningitis Research Foundation. 

- Blog Button in my Sidebar 
- Group FF every Friday of that month on Twitter
- A paragraph in my Meet My Advertisers post (including one link to my favourite post of yours)
- Two Retweets of your posts

4 May slots available!